Lectures and Essays

2020 ‘Aristotle, and Julian Barnes’s The Sense of an Ending

2019 Ritual and Reification: Crowning in Richard II and Henry VIII

2018 Rhetorical Topics and Alternative Facts: The Languages of Donald Trump & William Shakespeare

2018 The Barton/Hall Wars of the Roses

2017 London Theatrical Performance and Early Modern Community Revelry in Paintings from Sibiu’s Brukenthal Museum

2016 Reading Early Modern Theatrical Performance and a Skimmington at Horn Fair:  Evidence from Sibiu 

2015 Lands, Realms, Women, and Texts: Possession, Entitlement, and Occupation

2013 ‘By Indirections Find Directions Out’: Shakespeare, His Restoration Adapters, and Early Modern Myths of Nature

2013 The Closet Scene in Hamlet

2013 Tragedy and Political Authority in Shakespeare 

2011 Thresholds: Engineering and Literature East of the City

2010 Houses in the English Novel:  Modernisms, Ekphrases, and Thresholds

2010 Enter Celia,the Fairy Queen, in Her Night Attire: Shakespeare and the Fairies

2010 Playhouses, Performances, and the Role of Drama

2008 Superfluous Falstaff:  Morality and Structure

2008 “A Private Man in Athens”:  Shakespeare’s Timon of Athens, Theatre Wars, Culture-Clashes, and the Play’s Afterlife 

2008 Shakespeare and the Invention of Landscape: The View from Dover Cliff in King Lear.

2008 Politics and Mise-en-Scène in Television Versions of King Richard II

2007 Shakespeare’s Comedies on Film

2007 Ekphrasis in Tudor Drama: The Representation of Representations

2006: Marlowe’s Dido and the Gods: From Fable to Mythology

1996 Christopher Marlowe:  Ideology and Subversion

2003: Drama and Society in the Engish Renaissance

1996: Seeing Things:  Amazons and Cannibals